Quantum of Solace

Believe it or not, another Shaken, Not Stirred event is almost upon us! This month we’ll be reading James Bond short stories from Quantum of Solace. All of the past books have been novels, so short stories will be a first for this group. After our last event, Tanya from dog eared copy did some research and discovered that not all of the short stories contained in the Quantum of Solace audiobook were used when creating the movie. She then mapped everything out and discovered that the films for both Quantum of Solace and For Your Eyes Only (March event) are based upon the same short stories. Please see her post for the complete analysis. Summing it all up here, listen to the following short stories contained within the Quantum of Solace audiobook for both this month and next month’s events:

  • From a View to a Kill
  • For Your Eyes Only
  • Quantum of Solace
  • Riscion
  • The Hildebrand Rarity

The audiobook is published by Blackstone Audio. I purchased my copy through Audible, but you can pick up yours anywhere audiobooks are sold. If you’re lucky, your local library might also have a copy.

The Twitter event will be held on Saturday, February 25th. It will begin at 9:30 EST with a discussion of the audiobook, followed by a viewing of Quantum of Solace starring Daniel Craig as James Bond at 10 EST.

I hope you can join us! If you have any questions about using Twitter for the main event, I’ve written up a few tips. You can always feel free to contact me by email as well (literatehousewife (at) gmail (dot) com.


Goldfinger Twitter Party Tonight

After our December break, it’s time once again for the Shaken, Not Stirred Twitter party featuring Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger. We will be meeting up at 9:30 pm EST to discuss the audiobook and then will start the film at 10pm.

Goldfinger, Fleming’s seventh novel, stars Sean Connery at James Bond. Per Wikipedia, this film became the first Bond blockbuster in 1964. Based on the basic story line, it sounds like it should be pretty faithful to the book.

If you can join us, be sure to use the #shakennotstirred hashtag. I hope we see you there!

Diamonds Are Forever ~ September 2011

In September the Shaken, Not Stirred Challenge is going into the underground world of smuggled diamonds. This fourth novel was originally published by Jonathan Cape on March 26, 1956.  Per Wikipedia, this novel was also adapted into a daily comic strip that ran in the British Daily Express from August 1959 through January 1960.

Diamond smuggling was a topic that greatly interested Ian Fleming. In addition to this Bond novel, he wrote a non-fiction book in 1957 about the topic titled The Diamond Smugglers.

What excites me the most going into this novel is the reappearance of Felix Leiter. When we last left him in Live and Let Die, he was not in the best shape after narrowly escaping a shark tank with his life. I was afraid that we’d seen the last of him. Thankfully, that is not the case.

While this will be the challenge’s first film starring Sean Connery as James Bond, this is actually the last Bond film Connery made. It was released in December of 1971, when I was a mere 2 months old. I hold no illusions that the movie will be faithful to the book, but I’m looking forward to watching Sean Connery at work. He’s always been Indiana Jones’ father to me.  🙂

Here are the vital statistics and description for the audiobook from Blackstone Audio’s website:

Released: 2001

Available Formats: 6 CSs, 1 MP3 CD, 1 Playaway and 5 Tapes

Length: 6 hours and 8 minutes long


African diamonds are being smuggled into the United States via London and it’s up to the British Secret Service to infiltrate the organized crime families in America and destroy the smugglers.

James Bond is not afraid of gangsters, but then he hasn’t really met any—until now. With advice from his American friend, Felix Leiter, Bond tracks a diamond smuggling ring from Africa through London to the United States. He is aided by the gorgeous, hard-boiled Tiffany Case, whom he uses to infiltrate the gang. But when the hunter becomes the prey, Bond must depend upon Tiffany for his very survival.

Shaken, Not Stirred Challenge Information


Please leave a comment on this post when you’ve finished listening to Live and Diamonds Are Forever. If you’re a blogger, please use Mr. Linky at the end of this post to alert us to your posts and reviews.

Live and Let Die Twitter Party:

The second Shaken, Not Stirred Twitter Party will be held on Saturday, September 24 at 9:30pm EST. The party will begin with a 30 minute discussion about the audiobook followed by watching the movie. We will be using #ShakenNotStirred as the hashtag.

Note: Sony has had the Bond films removed from Netflix Instant Watch (I’m sending SMERSH out now to deal with them). Be sure to allow for time to rent the film ahead of the event.

Moonraker ~ August 2011

I apologize for posting this way too late. Moonraker is a wonderful novel. To date, it’s been my favorite. It was first published by Jonathan Cape on April 7, 1955. Prior to publication, it had 12 possible titles according to Wikipedia. My favorite title considered was “Mondays are Hell.” So very true. When Moonraker was first published in the United States, it was titled “Too Hot To Handle.” Parts of the text were also Americanized. Thankfully this edition was not. I don’t think we need to be saved from the “knave of hearts” now, do we?

Here are the vital statistics and description for the audiobook from Blackstone Audio’s website:

Released: 2001

Available Formats: 6 CSs, 1 MP3 CD, 1 Playaway and 5 Tapes

Length: 6 hours and 8 minutes long

Description: When James Bond is asked to settle a dispute over “ungentlemanly behavior” at an exclusive gambling club, the affair is embarrassing in the extreme, for the accused is the unimpeachable Sir Hugo Drax: business tycoon, popular hero, patriot extraordinaire, and head of the multimillion-dollar Moonraker missile program on which Britain’s future defense depends.

Soon, however, the “affair of honor” takes on a somewhat more serious tone as Bond finds out the bizarre and terrifying truth about Drax and Moonraker, a truth that could not only prove fatal for Agent 007 and his beautiful companion but could mean the deaths of millions.

We had a wonderful viewing party. Simon Vance joined us once again. The film was a lot of cheesy fun. If you publish a review of Moonraker, add your link to Mr. Linky below.

Twitter Party Tips and Tricks

After our first Twitter party last month, I thought it might be a good idea to write a post about tips and tricks for participating in a Twitter party.

  1. You need a Twitter account: Creating a Twitter account is a pretty straight forward process. You need:
    • A unique handle (name). For example, my twitter handle is lithousewife. When you first sign up, Twitter will provide some suggested handles or you can come up with your own.
    • You’ll need to provide your full name. There’s no verification of this, so enter what you wish.
    • You’ll need to provide a valid email address. Twitter will send a confirmation email, so be sure to provide an address to which you have access.
    • You will need a password as well.
    • Once you’ve verified everything, you’ll be able to write your first tweet.
  2. Using Private Twitter accounts: If you have a private Twitter account, only those people you’ve granted access can see your tweets, even if you use the #shakennotstirred hashtag. If you have a private Twitter account, you have two options to participate:
    • Allow all #shakennotstirred participants to follow you. I’m assuming that if you have a private account you have reasons for setting it up that way. While I’d be happy to be an approved follower, you might find the second option easier.
    • Create a new open Twitter account just for #shakennotstirred. This is probably the easiest option. Another advantage is that you won’t clog your existing followers’ timelines with your #shakennotstirred comments.
  3. Use TweetChat: Depending upon the number of people you follow, keeping up with everyone’s comments even with a hashtag search can be difficult with a traditional Twitter application. What makes TweetChat great is that you can identify a hashtag  and see only those tweets using that hashtag. Even better, when you sign in to TweetChat and enter #shakennotstirred, all of your tweets from TweetChat will automatically have the hashtag. You don’t have to type it in yourself. I find that to be very convenient. To use TweetChat to send tweets, you need to sign in using your Twitter account.

Those are the most important things you need to know in order to participate in a Twitter party. I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email or leave a comment to this post.

See you Saturday!