Quantum of Solace

Believe it or not, another Shaken, Not Stirred event is almost upon us! This month we’ll be reading James Bond short stories from Quantum of Solace. All of the past books have been novels, so short stories will be a first for this group. After our last event, Tanya from dog eared copy did some research and discovered that not all of the short stories contained in the Quantum of Solace audiobook were used when creating the movie. She then mapped everything out and discovered that the films for both Quantum of Solace and For Your Eyes Only (March event) are based upon the same short stories. Please see her post for the complete analysis. Summing it all up here, listen to the following short stories contained within the Quantum of Solace audiobook for both this month and next month’s events:

  • From a View to a Kill
  • For Your Eyes Only
  • Quantum of Solace
  • Riscion
  • The Hildebrand Rarity

The audiobook is published by Blackstone Audio. I purchased my copy through Audible, but you can pick up yours anywhere audiobooks are sold. If you’re lucky, your local library might also have a copy.

The Twitter event will be held on Saturday, February 25th. It will begin at 9:30 EST with a discussion of the audiobook, followed by a viewing of Quantum of Solace starring Daniel Craig as James Bond at 10 EST.

I hope you can join us! If you have any questions about using Twitter for the main event, I’ve written up a few tips. You can always feel free to contact me by email as well (literatehousewife (at) gmail (dot) com.


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