Moonraker ~ August 2011

I apologize for posting this way too late. Moonraker is a wonderful novel. To date, it’s been my favorite. It was first published by Jonathan Cape on April 7, 1955. Prior to publication, it had 12 possible titles according to Wikipedia. My favorite title considered was “Mondays are Hell.” So very true. When Moonraker was first published in the United States, it was titled “Too Hot To Handle.” Parts of the text were also Americanized. Thankfully this edition was not. I don’t think we need to be saved from the “knave of hearts” now, do we?

Here are the vital statistics and description for the audiobook from Blackstone Audio’s website:

Released: 2001

Available Formats: 6 CSs, 1 MP3 CD, 1 Playaway and 5 Tapes

Length: 6 hours and 8 minutes long

Description: When James Bond is asked to settle a dispute over “ungentlemanly behavior” at an exclusive gambling club, the affair is embarrassing in the extreme, for the accused is the unimpeachable Sir Hugo Drax: business tycoon, popular hero, patriot extraordinaire, and head of the multimillion-dollar Moonraker missile program on which Britain’s future defense depends.

Soon, however, the “affair of honor” takes on a somewhat more serious tone as Bond finds out the bizarre and terrifying truth about Drax and Moonraker, a truth that could not only prove fatal for Agent 007 and his beautiful companion but could mean the deaths of millions.

We had a wonderful viewing party. Simon Vance joined us once again. The film was a lot of cheesy fun. If you publish a review of Moonraker, add your link to Mr. Linky below.


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