Blackstone Audio’s 007 Giveaway Winners for July!

Thanks to everyone who left their comments about Casino Royale and participated in the Twitter chat and viewing party.

We had a wonderful evening to say the least. The highlight for me was our conversation about Bond and his views of women. I found it very helpful to hear everyone else’s opinions. I feel as though I understand Bond better as a result. Needless to say, Daniel Craig certainly was a hit.

We have three winners for this month’s Blackstone Audio 007 Giveaway:

Xe Sands
Picky Girl
Poof Books

Congratulations, Bond girls!

Keep a look out in your mailbox for a copy of Live and Let Die autographed by Simon Vance! Enjoy, you lucky ducks! I’d love to see some picks of those prizes. 🙂

I will be posting information about  Live and Let Die later this weekend. I hope you can all join in.


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