Casino Royale Twitter Chat and Viewing Party

I must open this post by admitting to a failure. In my excitement to begin this challenge, I posted the date of 6/30 for the Casino Royale Twitter chat and viewing party. I’m not quite sure where I got this date because my intentions have always been to hold these on Saturday evenings. As it turns out, June 30th is a Thursday.

The easiest solution would be to move it up to Saturday, June 25th. One slight problem, though. I will be out of town that day and may not get back home in time to lead the discussion. I feel terrible about being off our first month. I hope my compromise will work well for everyone.

The Casino Royale  Twitter chat and Viewing Party

  • Begins Sunday, June 26th beginning at 9:30pm EST.
  • Discussion about the audiobook version of the book narrated by Simon Vance and from Blackstone Audio will begin promptly at 9:30 EST.
  • We’ll follow discussion with watching the 2006 version of Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig at 10pm EST.
  • Use the hashtag #shakennotstirred to join the discussion.

All those who participate will be entered into a drawing for Blackstone Audio’s July 007 Giveaway featuring our next read, Live and Let Die. I’ll also announce during the chat the special little bonus that has been added to the July prizes.

I will still honor the June 30th date for posting your reviews or leaving your comments about the audiobook on the Casino Royale post until June 30th for those who planned using that date. I’ll be announcing the 007 lucky winners on Friday, July 1st.

This is going to be fun, folks!


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