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Please sign up below in order to participate in the challenge and to be eligible for the Blackstone Audio 007 Giveaways each month as well as the Grand Prize Drawing. In addition, all bloggers who sign up will be added to the blogroll. I’m sorry that the links won’t show up here, but it’s a limitation.

  • If you’re a blogger, grab the button from the sidebar and use it in a post letting us know that you’re joining in on the fun. While you’re at it, let us know how much you know about James Bond going into the challenge. Once your post is up, go to the Sign Up page and use Mr. Linky to make it all official. I’ll be sure to add your URL to the blogroll.
  • If you’re not a blogger, you’re also more than welcome to join. Just head on over to the Sign Up page and leave a comment letting us know why you’re joining and how much you know about Bond going into the challenge.

Once you’ve signed up, spread the word in any way you can. The more people who participate the more fun it will be for all of us.


19 thoughts on “Sign Up

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  4. New librarian, but need more to read over the summer along with high school books and middle school books. May need some adult reading!

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  6. Helen and I are Bond fans – in fact, watched Thunderball only last night – and reading aloud, even better, being read to is a passion! Greetings from West Wales, mulled wine rather than vodka martinis but what the heck?!

  7. I am so in on the next one of these! I’m going to figure out all the twitter stuff and be ready to participate. What a great idea! I love the Bond movies and Simon’s audiobook’s are read just brilliantly.

    I’m sad that I have missed some of these but ROLL ON THE NEXT ONE!

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